IdahoRID received this letter from IESDB Foundation.  I encourage you to watch the video .  This is what our contributions helped to provide.

Holly, Dawnette and Mike,

As a foundation, IESDB Foundation is most often a channel between those who have something for those who do not. 

Although there are times when we serve as a conduit: aware of a need we find a way to inspire a source to provide for a recipient.. in your case our role was very small.  We were simply a medium through which your generosity could flow to our students.  

Your organizations' demonstrated willingness to step up and, without being asked, choose to provide for a long standing need for deaf and hard of hearing students across our state is beyond admirable. This heartfelt giving did not go unnoticed despite the notable duration of time that has passed since we received your gift. In our board meetings each month, one can still witness spontaneous comments about how fortunate our youth were to be sponsored by such generous 'young signers' and professional interpreters; to be gifted with a priceless experience this past summer.  

Despite the fact that our board of directors work tirelessly wearing so many hats in their service to and with our youth, the contributions of United Signers of CSI and IdahoRID will not fade for us. 

Although this video may have already made it to you through so many possible channels, I wanted to send it on when it crossed my path during this work day.  It reminded me of how blessed we are to have organizations like yours in Idaho to step up and make magic happen.  It means to world to the youth, their families and our friends-of-IESDB community.

Please know that I would be honored to attend any upcoming events hosted by your organization to offer a personal thank-you to your members as well as to share more information about our foundation and its work in Idaho.

​With humble gratitude,​



Ann E Flannery

​IESDB Foundation President​


Idaho Licensure Bill
This bill is currently working its way through the legislature as House Bill 152.  A current copy of the bill is here http://legislature.idaho.gov/legislation/2015/H0152.pdf
Testimony will be heard 25th Feb at 9am.

Spring Workshop will be 10-11 April in Boise.  More info to follow.

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